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Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

It's an easy read without much plot. I found the heroine interesting as the embodiment of an herbivorous soul, because she does seem to project an oddball mix of mindless flight and deer-in-headlights immobility, and her reflexively erratic responses to being in the power of a predatory male do make sense within that context. So I appreciated the author's attention to character in that respect. But I have to say I wasn't very interested in the dominant, all-powerful hero. He seemed pretty two-dimensional for a creature that's supposed to be millions or even billions of years old (and you thought the Buffy/Angel age difference was a little creepy). Which also could make sense—if you live long enough, I imagine at some point you may stop expanding intellectually and start collapsing back in on yourself. I just found it difficult to believe he'd only gotten bored in the last few centuries, and that somehow a goat-brained woman was now utterly fascinating to him. Initially it made a little sense, because at first he didn't know her unpredictable behavior was due to goat-brainedness, but his fascination never wore off. And her attraction was based entirely on his overwhelming maleness, which she knows she shouldn't be so into, but she just can't help herself. Reeeeeeally? I just couldn't get into them as a couple.