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A Carnivore's Inquiry: A Novel

A Carnivore's Inquiry: A Novel - Sabina Murray This is like sitting next to someone on a long flight. At first you chat a little and she seems interesting, so you don’t mind when she starts talking about her life. And as she gets comfortable with you, she begins opening up more and more, until she seems to be censoring herself less and starts saying some slightly strange stuff, but she says it so off-hand or matter-of-fact that you think you must have misheard or misunderstood. But by the time the plane is beginning its descent, you’ve begun to suspect that everything you thought was a strange metaphor she meant literally, and so you just keep smiling and nodding as though you are totally cool with everything she’s said, and checking to make sure that all your personal identification is accounted for because you don’t want this woman knowing your full name, much less your address, and you sure as hell aren’t planning to share a cab with her when you land, and in fact you’re thinking of having your own cab perform some evasive maneuvers just in case she tries to follow you in hers. And later, when you get home, you install an alarm system and floodlights around your house and get several large dogs and/or handguns.And yet, when all is said and done, you still kind of like that woman on the plane. She’s really not so different from other people. Wait, seriously? If she’s just like everyone else, does that mean everyone else is like her? So you think on that for a while and then install a razor-wire perimeter fence.In other words, this book was interesting, a little creepy, and generally a kick in the pants.