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A Reliable Wife

A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick I had been told it was pretty racy, so I thought at least it would be lightly entertaining. It really wasn’t. I don’t object to the basic plot at all, but I did not enjoy the narrative style. I’m not sure what to call it. Non-present? Summary? It was a lot of ‘some days this would happen, other days this would happen, but every day she did this—except for those days when she didn’t, and she would do this.’ And you wouldn’t think someone could write a whole book like that, but that really was the majority of it. And when two characters were actually interacting in the here-and-now, the dialogue was so stilted that I kind of wished he’d go back to summarizing a person’s routine instead. Really wooden, flat characters, and not in the way that people can be realistically wooden and flat and yet made interesting by examining their unusual thoughts and feelings or by viewing them in contrast to more human characters. These people were flat and stale with pretensions to deep passions and sorrows. I didn't buy it.